Polite in Public

A gentle, effective, and enlightened approach to dog training

Taking the steps necessary to train your dog in public opens up a world of freedom for your dog and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your fur child will be welcomed wherever you go.

The best part about our 'Polite in Public' is that we do most of the heavy lifting for you!

That's right!

We'll get your dog to the level of having excellent public manners and then bring you in afterwards to show you the ropes.

Our #1 goal is to teach every dog how to become 'Polite in Public', even yours!

How does it work?

Part 1 (without you present)

In Karma Dog Training's 'Polite in Public' program (Part 1), one of our Lead Trainers will take your dog in public for a series of individual training sessions where we work directly with your dog (without you present) with the goal of having excellent public manners.

Part 2 (with you present)

We then teach you and your dog together as a team so that you and your pup are in sync and walking harmoniously with each other. It's during these follow up sessions where we show you exactly what your dog learned in Part 1 and begin to transfer the skill set to you

We have 3 different levels of our 'Polite in Public' program.

‘Polite in Public’
Basic Communication
(5, 10, or 15 sessions)

In 'Polite in Public' Basic Communication program, we teach your dog all of the important building blocks of having impeccable public manners such as learning 'watch me', 'stay', 'down', 'leave it', 'drop it', 'wait at the curb' and the 'art of loose leash walking'.

This program is either 5, 10 or 15 sessions in length and comes with 1 FREE follow up training session with you for every 5 sessions your dog has with our trainer.

For ex: 10 sessions comes with 2 FREE follow up sessions with you.

'Polite in Public'
Behavior Modification
(15, 20 or 25 sessions)

In our 'Polite in Public' Behavior Modification program, we work to mitigate your dog's problem public behavior in all aspects from pulling towards other dogs and jumping up on random people, to teaching 'polite greeting rituals' with all dogs and people (especially kids) and "proofing" the behaviors your dog may have learned at home but now needs to perform in public. We prudently do this by introducing the 3 D's - Distance, Duration and Distractions.

This program is either 15, 20 or 25 sessions and comes with 1 FREE follow up training session with you for every 5 sessions your dog has with our trainer.

For ex: 15 sessions comes with 3 FREE follow up sessions with you.

'Polite in Public'
(25, 30 or 35 sessions)

In our 'Polite in Public' Reactivity/Aggression program, we cover all aspects of the potential pitfalls for the reactive or fearful dog and work to solve these problems proactively with a powerful yet simple science-based philosophy rooted in 100% positive reinforcement. counterconditioning and desensitization exercises.

This program is either 25, 30 or 35 sessions and comes with 1 FREE follow up training session with you for every 5 sessions your dog has with our trainer.

For ex: 25 sessions comes with 5 FREE follow up sessions with you.

How can I make sure I'm doing everything possible to be a responsible dog parent when I take my dog in public?

An important message from our Founder/Owner, Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz.


    A person bringing a dog in public should without any doubt whatsoever have a certain level of influence with their dog in order to keep them safe and other dogs safe. This includes making sure their dog has properly fitted equipment on, from collars to harnesses, and a sufficient amount of education on how to properly handle a dog leash so that no matter what situation they find themselves in, their dog will not pull them so hard that they let go of the leash.

    In addition, any person who brings a dog in public should make sure their dog is wearing a name tag (attached to either their collar or harness) with up-to-date contact information with their dog's name, phone number and address.


    A person bringing a dog into public should have a certain amount of education under their belt in order to be able to follow the tacit agreements dog parents rely upon to coexist harmoniously with each other in public. This includes the know-how and the technical ability to walk their dog nicely past another dog without excess pulling and jumping towards another dog, as well as learning proper greetings and introductions with other dogs and people (especially kids), when given permission to do so.

    In addition, ideally any person bringing their dog in public should be educated on basic first aid protocols and have a game plan for what to do in an emergency situation. Having a local Veterinary nearby is extremely important.


    A person who takes their dog in public should be respectful of other dog parent’s personal boundaries, as well as the local laws that are in place which exist for everyone’s benefit.

    For example, keeping a dog on leash because the leash law requires it or picking up after your dog does their business, is not only respecting the law but it’s simultaneously respecting the rights of other dog parents who want to enjoy their dog walk safely and with peace of mind knowing that their dog walk should go smoothly.


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Great Experience!

I cannot say enough good things about Karma Dog Training and recommend them more to anyone looking for dog training. I was a nervous first time puppy owner and was put at ease right away once I found Karma.

- Mariel C.
West Hollywood, CA


Karma Dog Training has given me a great experience of learning the basic commands and procedures of owning a first time puppy. In the Kindergarten Puppy training class, Jennifer Sturgeon, one of the dog trainers that was there was very kind and helpful.

- John L.
Arcadia, CA

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