Trauma Release for Dog Parents

A gentle, effective, and enlightened approach to dog training

Trauma Release For Dog Parents: Go from feeling emotionally out of control, to at peace and empowered in 3 sessions!

At Karma Dog Training, we know that you are here because you are a caring and loving dog parent who wants the best for their fur baby. We know that you have been doing the best you can and that often it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Being a dog parent can be an emotional journey, particularly when things aren’t going the way you had hoped. It can leave you feeling frustrated and at a loss.

We believe that you and your dog were led to each other for a reason - you are meant to learn from each other and grow together. If you do not have the relationship with your dog that you would love to have, it does not mean there is anything wrong with either of you, but there might just be some blind spots that are getting in the way.

Whether big or small, every human has experienced some form of trauma at some point in their lives. That trauma gets stored in the body and in the unconscious mind and then shows up in the form of habits, triggers and patterns of behavior. It can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones.

At Karma Dog Training, because we believe in a truly holistic approach, and what we do is so much more than training - we are excited to be able to offer you a powerful and innovative ancillary service, which when coupled with our training services, we know will be life-changing for your whole family.

In this revolutionary program, you will work with Karma Dog Founder, Jeffrey Liebowitz’s handpicked Trauma Release Specialist, Melissa Acuna, to uncover and release what is holding you back, so you can feel centered, confident and at peace as you form a deeper bond not only with your dog, but also yourself and other humans.

Add Trauma release for dog parents to any training packing and receive:

  • A 90-min deep-dive session with an experienced trauma-release specialist, in which we shine a light on the energetic blind spots that might be holding you back, and with compassion and understanding, create a life plan together that empowers you.
  • 2 additional 60-min sessions in which we will work with your unconscious mind to easily and effortlessly release the things that have been holding you back from being the best dog parent (and person) you truly want and deserve to be.
  • 10 dynamic mantras that we co-create together, that are specific to you and the goals you’re set to work on with your dog, and which will be used to support you on your journey as this new empowered dog parent.
  • 5 Karma Dog "Play Sheets" we'll go through together that will completely transform your relationship and the connection you have with your dog.
  • 3 Powerful tools for emotional regulation, stress reduction and self-discovery.
  • 1 Guided Meditation Technique that will allow you to "hear" what your dog wants to tell you most.
  • A benevolent guide who is always just a phone call away who will walk with you and support you on this journey of growing into this new role as your dog’s empowered dog parent.

Melissa Acuña Dengo is a trauma-release specialist and Inner Transformation Guide, on a mission to revolutionize how we deal with trauma and how people who have experienced severe trauma see themselves and show up in the world.

She is an intuitive Reiki master, an energy healer and a Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Root-Cause-Release practitioner. She helps people who have a desire to impact the world and transform their trauma into triumph so they can live out their big vision and step into who they were meant to be.

Having released her own severe anaphylactic allergies, chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD, she truly believes that there is nothing we can’t heal. Her signature method of ‘Limitless Living’ is not about learning to manage or cope with your trauma, it is about stepping into the version of you that exists without it.

One of her unique gifts is the ability to see someone’s true potential. She can see the gifts and abilities that others can’t even see themselves. Her curious and empathic nature, coupled with her intuitive abilities, allows her to ask powerful questions, to help her clients find the answers they need in order to heal. She also uses a unique combination of tools to help her clients achieve life-changing results in record time!


“I had a Root Cause Release session with Melissa that targeted my limiting beliefs around self worth.  For the longest time I would allow my doubts and fears to impact my life and hinder my growth. I’d hardly ever allow myself to pursue bigger goals or chase passions out of fear of failure. After one session with Melissa she helped guide me through past traumatic experiences that I’ve carried for years. She helped me release these negative emotions through a powerful process that gave me the ultimate perspective.  I was able to tap into why I had limiting beliefs, why I didn’t feel worthy, why I had a fear of failure and graciously let all that go. Working with Melissa was a liberating experience that boosted my confidence and gave me a sense of freedom from my past.  She possesses a gift with her communication that’s able to connect in a way unique to her own that makes it super effective when walking you through her practice. I went into her session with a ton of baggage holding me back and she found a way to guide me in releasing what no longer was serving me. She’s fantastic, Thank you Melissa!”

-Geovani Guerra, Co-founder Millennial Realtors, Los Angeles

Before having my session with Melissa, I felt really unworthy but didn’t know exactly why. I knew something was wrong so I reached out to her. As we started the session, I realized what was affecting me was way deeper than I thought. I had been holding on to this idea that I was worth less than others because of a situation of being abandoned by my peers as a child. I hadn’t realized that the same belief perpetuated itself over and over again in my life, deepening the pain. But as Melissa took me through it, I had the chance to uncover and heal these past wounds. After it was over, I felt so much lighter. I couldn’t stop smiling. I took a walk around my neighborhood, and for the first time, my mind was clear. I was at peace and my heart felt open. I hadn’t even realized how numb I’d been. My life was changed after I let go of this belief, thanks to Melissa.

-Elissa McMahon, Marketing Associate at NJ Innovation Institute


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Great Experience!

I cannot say enough good things about Karma Dog Training and recommend them more to anyone looking for dog training. I was a nervous first time puppy owner and was put at ease right away once I found Karma.

- Mariel C.
West Hollywood, CA


Karma Dog Training has given me a great experience of learning the basic commands and procedures of owning a first time puppy. In the Kindergarten Puppy training class, Jennifer Sturgeon, one of the dog trainers that was there was very kind and helpful.

- John L.
Arcadia, CA

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